You are stronger than you think!

You have to be strong to stay consistent as possible, don’t expect any help from people around you. • I remember when I was starting a diet my dad was buying every cake and snack that I liked at the time and I would always break down and eat a bite here and there and it would ruin my diet mentality and my consistency. • And when I finally got to my weight goal my grandma used to push food into my mouth EVERY time she would see me because I’m too skinny. • And when I was really starting to train consistent my friends and people around me would comment about how big my arms are, I should be carful lifting that heavy and I should really not be so crazy about tracking food or it would drive me insane. • My point is, people will always have something to say, something delicious will always be hovering in front of your eyes trying to break you, it won’t be easy most of the time but that’s how you learn and that’s how you become mentally stronger and focus on your journey and you just have to find your ways to enjoy the process, to shut all of these voices and temptation and do what’s best for you. This is how you get results. You say no to certain things, you embrace new things, you learn new habits and you stay focus. • What’s the hardest thing for you that keeps you from being consistent?

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