Stop chasing numbers

This is what weight loss looks like.

I have been in my program for the past 4 weeks. These are the results. I’m sharing this to show you guys that if I had only looked at the number on the scale I would have given up two weeks ago when I first fell to my cravings and ate a lot of peanut butter one night (I mean a lot. Like A LOT). But I also take pictures and that’s where you can see the real difference and the change. Not on the scale, it’s just a number! • This is the power of consistency. Yes, I had a night where I let it all loose and ate what I craved and enjoyed it at the moment, and the next day I went back on track and continued with my program. One fall is not gonna change everything if you are consistent most of the time. It might slow you down but you won’t gain weight from one meal or one day that you ate whatever you wanted.

• It’s about consistency and getting used to new habits, new mindset, new relationship with food. It’s a process and it takes time. • If your weight is fluctuating that’s fine! If you’re losing weight at a slow and steady pace that’s great! It’s easy to give up but it won’t make it better. • You really want it? Work for it. Live by it. You might like it at the end 😉

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