Slow Down

5 years ago I just started my fitness journey.

I got into fitness trying to lose weight, fell in love with it, got a personal trainer certification and became a fitness addict.

Everything went great while it was great.

A year ago I’ve experienced an emotional roller coster. I was depresses.

I didn’t feel like training, I didn’t feel like eating and when I did I had those crazy binge session that I ate every crap that was around my area.

And on those clarity moments that I rarely had I was feeling down for the way that I looked and even more, the way that I felt emotionally and mentally.

I started to work on myself step by step.

First from the inside, I was reading and watching a lot of#selfmotivationmaterial and I followed people that inspired me to be better and to do it for myself.


After I felt like I’m in a good starting point I started to go to the gym. Not 5 times like I was used to...twice a week, maybe even 3 🤞🏼

I started to make better food choices. I was eating food that kept me full and satiated 🥦🥑🍠🍞🍳🥗

And for my final step in doing the best for myself I hired a coach.

And let me tell you, I hired one of the good ones. The best for me.

For the past 14 weeks I’ve been with Andrea, my coach. (@greek_spartan)

He didn’t just give me macros and a training program and sent me on my way.

He is more like my mentor. He taught me to look at my journey as “my way for a better lifestyle” and not “my way to my#bikinibody2020here we go”.

He got my#mindsetto be where it should be. Looking at it as a way I can live with it, not to restrict myself, not to feel like I’m missing something, not to punish myself if I went off track for one meal. He made me realize that sometimes It’s OKAY!

It’s for your life. You do it because it makes you feel good, it makes you stronger, it makes your head clear&sharp.

If you do it for the right reasons, it will stick.

Don’t rush through it, it’s not a competition. You’re not standing on a stage, you’re out here trying to live your best life and you can do it!


Here I am, uncovered. Not ashamed. This is my journey. This is my life.

And I’m not done, I’m just getting started.

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