Confidence! 💯💃🏼 . The greatest impact of my fitness journey is the boost of confidence I got when I started to see results and the change to my body. . See, when I was 6 years old I was bored and I played with matches. One of them fell and caught my dress on fire. Growing up with scars that covered half of my body made me stronger mentally to peoples' looks and stares but also insecure, especially when I started dating 🙈 When I started watching my nutrition, working out and seeing results, I started to feel good about myself; started to wear different clothes and started to talk to more people and be more outgoing. It changes you, but in the best way possible 🤗. . So why start working out? Why start knowing more about nutrition and what’s best for you? 🤔 I do it to feel good, to look good and to be in the best mental and physical health. It’s important to me. We only have one life, one body - why not make the best of it? 🤩😎


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