Be your own motivation

I slept only 5 hours. I worked 12 hours and I’ve been on my feet all day. I’m tired. I barely ate today, I’m hungry. I got my period. It’s gonna be a lame ass workout I prefer to sit at home and rest.

These are just some of the excuses that went through my head when I was thinking about going to the gym tonight. Today I didn’t wanna go to the gym. I didn’t feel like working out at all and I was thinking of a reason good enough not to go. • And you know what I did? I went to the gym, I started warming up and kept on going. Excuses will always be there standing between you and your goals. Now it’s just a question of how much do you want it? How strong you are to say no and keep your “eyes on the prize”? • We all have good days and bad days. When you feel good and everything is going well it’s easy. How do you do on your bad days?

Motivate yourself. 🙏🏼🙏🏼😌💪🏼

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