Always smile :)

I’m trying to always smile and stay positive. Even when everything feels not so great and life is slapping me so hard on my face. • Being in that positive mode helps me and lift me up and honestly, it’s just helps to get through the day with a smile (even if it’s fake at first 😉) • You see, the difference between pain and suffering is that pain will always be there, because life is painful. But suffering is a choice. So all you have to do is to choose wise and shake it off sometimes. • We all have our good days and bad days, we are all going through life, trying to make the most of it and trying to understand what’s the next step. Life is hard enough, don’t make it worst to yourself by adding suffer, fraustration, and bad thoughts. • Sometimes you just need to work on yourself and on your mindset. You need to acknowledge and know that most days are not perfect, but you can still make the most of everyday. • Choose to be happy. Be your own inspiration. Be the change you want to see and be your best self. • Today, for example, I’m not feeling my best. I don’t know why exactly. I’m just thinking about my next steps in life, I miss my family, I miss home and I’m kinda nervous for some changes that about to happened, but the point is - I’m not gonna let those feeling control me. I will choose on what to focus and what not.

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