Here’s a REAL 90 days challenge for y’all to lose weight (instead of drinking some magic shake 🦄 that doesn't exist 🤥):

- Eat vegetables every day. Multiple veggies, in every color. And also fruits!


- Eat enough protein every day. And I’m not talking about getting your protein from protein powders or bars. Eat meat, chicken, eggs, fish, tofu, cheese, greek yogurt etc...


- Drink water. Like really, a gallon a day. Don’t live off of coffee or tea, or even worst - sparkling sugar...I mean coke/pepsi/whatever 🤭.


- Stop snacking. Stop sneaking a bite here and there. Hungry? Eat a meal, don’t snack.


- Get enough sleep. Sleep is very important in weight loss and a lot of people don’t know that. You need to sleep between 7-10 hours!


- Manage your stress. If you have a lot of stress in your life, it can effect your weight loss. Try to reduce the stress in your life, work on yourself.


- Understand what you’re eating. Seriously. Learn how to read food labels and nutrition facts. Sometimes I spend 3 hours at a grocery store just because I’m reading every food label, trying to understand what’s best for me.

🤓🧐😎🧾🤔 What can we learn?

There’s no magic shake, there’s no incredible cutting tea. There’s life and there’s a way to live your life. But it’s really hard for us to change our habits and to try and live our life a little different. It’s hard but not impossible. You need to understand that YOU need to change your life, your habits, your routine.

Stop chasing abs, start chasing health.

Healthy is beautiful. Strong is beautiful.

ABS are overrated.


Love you all ❤️

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